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Dark Game Chronicles Vol. 2 Manga

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    Restocks coming Monday, March 16, 2020. 

    The long awaited second volume of the "Dark Game Chronicles" for Futurecard Buddyfight arrives, "Six months later, a new Dark Game tournament has begun in the underworld. Tohru Kageura, who had since lost his ability to see the Death Deity, is lured back into the game when he hears of a "God of Buddyfight", and enters the tournament in search of what he thinks will be a worthy opponent.... Will his life be forfeit even before he comes close to battling the rumored God of Buddyfight?" In English and comes with the promo card Daredevil Force (PR/0272EN) Released Sept 2017 and imported from Singapore

    Restocks coming in Nov, 2018, along with the Dark Game Chronicles Vol. 3, the final volume. Preorder copies now. 


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    Manufacturer: Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd
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