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S-CG Collectors Glory Booster Box

S-CG Collector's Glory Booster Box

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  • Description

    A set of 10 holo cards in each display album

    • Dragon / Magic / Lost
    • 10 types of holo cards (10 reissue)
    Cards included
    Deity Gargantua Dragon 
    Dragod Var
    Gargantua Blade Mage
    Gargantua Dragon, "Sonic Mode"
    Gargantua Knight Dragon
    Lost World Flag
    Vanity Destruct Vanish
    Vile Demonic Deity Dragon, Vanity Epoch Destroyer
    Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer
    Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer
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