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X Duel Chest (BFE-X-SS04)

X Duel Chest (BFE-X-SS04)

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  • Description

    The highly raved Special Series set returns in Buddyfight X!

    Product Specifications

    • Primary worlds: Worlds used by “Thunder Emperor’s Fangs” and “the Chaos” flags!
    • Contains 104 cards (fixed contents): 48 new types + 2 Mirage flag cards
    • 2 BRs included!!!
    • Card Treatments – BR: 2 / R: 18 / C: 84
    • Life counters, rulesheet, 2-player playmat, and storage box (external packaging) included!
    Stashed within X Duel Chest are two trial decks! The army of Thunder Empire versus the chaosfied legion of Chaos monsters!!
    Mix and match cards from the other booster packs such as X-BT02 and X-BT03 and challenge your friends to a tempestuous duel!!!
    Ready to Play Straight Out of the Box!
    The X Duel Chest is a truly play straight out of the box set! Everything you need to Buddyfight is included!
    Not only are two trial decks included, but a rulesheet, 2-player playmat, life counters, and storage box are included in this special series!
    TWO shiny Buddy Rare cards and Mirage cards are guaranteed in this Special Series Vol.4 ― X Duel Chest!!!!!


    If you’ve always wanted a shiny Buddy or a Mirage Card, now is the best time to get your hands on them!!!

    Which power do you crave? Overturn, or Overkill!?

    Thunder Emperor's Fangs Cards List

    Card No.NameTypeWorldQtyRarity

    X-SS04/0001Barlbatzz the LightningMonsterDragon World51 BR/1 R/3 C

    X-SS04/0002Overturn Chief, Duel JaegerMonsterAncient World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0003Arc Deity Dragon Lord, Duel SiegerMonsterAncient World22 C

    X-SS04/0004Black Wings of Thunder Emperor, AbygaleMonsterDarkness Dragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0005Arc Crystal Dragon, AthoraMonsterStar Dragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0006Lone Wing of Thunder Knights, Thunder HalberdMonsterDragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0007Thunder Emperor's Chum, Saint Holy Sword DragonMonsterDragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0008Mera Volt DragonMonsterDragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0009An Unexpected Helper, TakosukeMonsterHero World22 C

    X-SS04/0010Clash Arc Dragon, GaelcorgaMonsterDanger World22 C

    X-SS04/0011Sparking Ninja, DenkuroMonsterKatana World22 C

    X-SS04/0012Arc Hammer Knight, BrontesMonsterLegend World22 C

    X-SS04/0013Fullfool the Caller of StormMonsterMagic World22 C

    X-SS04/0014Thunder X Tri-GuardSpellDragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0015Loud VoiceSpellDragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0016Secret Dragon Life BreathSpellDanger World22 C

    X-SS04/0017Thunder X Goodbye!SpellMagic World22 C

    X-SS04/0018Batzz Stone, Pyroxene of Thunder EmperorSpellKatana World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0019Arc Dragon Million AnglingSpellAncient World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0020The Fighters' OathSpellLegend World22 C

    X-SS04/0021Black Arc NeedleSpellDarkness Dragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0022Thunder Halberd, Vajra Demon SlayItemDanger World22 C

    X-SS04/0023Arc Thunder, KeraunosItemLegend World22 C

    X-SS04/0024Turbulent Thunder Sword, Rupture X Tempest Slash!ImpactDragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0025Thunder Emperor's FangsFlag-1C

     The Chaos Card List

    Card No.NameTypeWorldQtyRarity

    X-SS04/0026Proto Deleter, Geargod ver.088Monster-51 BR/1 R/3 C

    X-SS04/0027CHAOS BreastcoronaMonsterDragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0028CHAOS GilquineMonsterDanger World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0029Oniseer of Autodeity, CHAOS IbukiMonsterKatana World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0030CHAOS Death TallicaMonsterDarkness Dragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0031CHAOS JestellaMonsterDarkness Dragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0032CHAOS Champion LordMonsterAncient World22 C

    X-SS04/0033CHAOS DeathgazeMonsterDarkness Dragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0034Sentry of Autodeity, CHAOS Dra-gollumMonsterDanger World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0035CHAOS StregiaMonsterHero World22 C

    X-SS04/0036Ladis the CHAOSMonsterAncient World22 C

    X-SS04/0037CHAOS KalvadosMonsterStar Dragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0038CHAOS ZodiacMonsterLegend World/Star Dragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0039CHAOS Orser KleinzMonsterDungeon World22 C

    X-SS04/0040CHAOS Mach BraverMonsterHero World22 C

    X-SS04/0041Chaos Wall, Healing BarrierSpellDragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0042Outside Control Formula Chaos Guided MissileSpellKatana World22 C

    X-SS04/0043Forced Summoning: ShalsanaSpellDungeon World22 C

    X-SS04/0044Reduction of ExistenceSpellLegend World22 C

    X-SS04/0045Chaotic PainSpellDarkness Dragon World22 C

    X-SS04/0046All According To My VolitionSpellHero World22 C

    X-SS04/0047Watchsword of Autodeity, CHAOS LaevateinnItemLegend World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0048Chaos ShooterItemMagic World22 C

    X-SS04/0049Directive Code: Forced RebootImpactDarkness Dragon World21 R/1 C

    X-SS04/0050the ChaosFlag-1C

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